About the Author

Hi there! This is Andreas, the guy who invented and created the Kopozky universe. And the one, by the way, who chose his not-so-witty pseudonym Heyoka in the early 90s, long before Google could tell him that there were trillions of other people out there already who thought “Heyoka” would be a mighty fancy artist’s name.

I earn my bread and butter as a web developer, so the stories I tell in this blog are not total nonsense. And yes: I am a developer and a hobby cartoonist and author. I thought I should point this out since a lot of fellows seem to think that all developers in the world are pizza-gorging, pale chaps without any sense of beauty or poetry or humour.

The Kopozky blog was always inspired by enthusiasm. I do not love the web now as I loved it back in 2006. But still I appreciate what it offers. So you won’t find any acrid jokes here, no condescension. It’s rather a loving self-irony with which I look at web business and its protagonists.

The Kopozky blog had great times around 2008, 2009. Maybe around what you could call the golden age of blogs. One of the greatest moments for me was my blog being mentioned as one of the best web comics by Sitepoint:

First up, and my hands-down favourite, is Kopozky. This is really the only comic that I know of that is strictly about web design. It’s beautifully drawn with polish and finesse, and the characters are all wonderful, real personalities that you can immediately identify with. Oh, and they’re a good laugh as well.

In January 2017, I decided that 10 years were enough and everything had been said as for Mr Kopozky’s world. But I still do publish new drawings and texts on my other blog »Heyoka’s Workbench«. Drop by now and then!