“Kopozky Web Solutions” is one of those small promising IT companies. I mean: really promising. You walk through their office and you smell the impending break-through! They have clients, big clients (at least in comparison to smaller ones) – and they are at the cutting edge of top-level web development (as soon as a new idea has been properly documented and buzzworded).

Father of this promising company is Mr. Kopozky, a veritable IT aficionado, you might already have heard of. He is the man with the great ideas, the wholesale thinker, the oneman think-tank. He is famous for ordering books on web development, information architecture and other nifty stuff, before Amazon even knows that those books are going to be published. Thus he is always up to date (or at least would be if he had time to read the books).

But as the most capable spirit is nothing without a strong body, Mr. Kopozky, of course, needs his team of highly skilled and even more highly motivated web experts.

Watch out – maybe the next web revolution will be lead by Mr. Kopozky and his crew (or at least be warmly welcomed by them)!